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DTRTC Education Center

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Professional Teacher

Professional Teachers

DTRTC Education Center is committed to quality education. Our training, review, and most especially our tutorials, are conducted by professional teachers. We believe that learning starts with a teacher who is proficient in the subject matter.We also believe that good student-teacher relationship is necessary for overall growth and development of our students. As a result, we made sure that we have patient teachers who are willing to explain the lessons with a little more depth and spend a bit of extra time to help our students understand the lessons very well. In addition from being patient, our teachers are kind, caring, empathetic, and passionate in teaching. And the most important characteristics of our teachers is integrity. They are the person you can look up to and can set up a good example to our students.

Computer Based-Instruction

Technology Based-Instruction

DTRTC Education Center acknowledges that technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. Most students are interested in using smartphones and gadgets to play games, watch videos, connect to social media, and many more.Our institution accepts the changes in the behavior of our current students and ensures that technology is integrated in the delivery of our lessons to make teaching and learning engaging and interactive. We believe that technology based education improves students engagement since they will become more interested in studying and it will result to knowledge retention. We believe that each student is unique has his/her own way of learning things. We promote the use of technology especially in our training courses to address individual differences when it comes to learning. We also encourage collaboration among our students through sharing of documents and virtual learning environments.

Positive Learning Environment

Positive Learning Environment

DTRTC Education Center believes that classroom environment plays a major role in students learning and development. Our institution aims to create a positive learning environment to make everyone feel connected.We believe that through these connections, students will be able to understand their emotions and will be able to communicate with others effectively. We also work on personalized learning to increase student engagement in their studies. We also make students feel safe and supported in their studies. In addition to positive learning environment, we also promote positive behavior in our classroom. We set rules to train students to learn the most important behavior they should acquire which is discipline. We also work on getting to know our student better and show mutual respect. And lastly, we provide quality training to capture students attention lead them to the research and discovery of knowledge on their own.


Recreational Activities

DTRTC Education Center believes in the importance of recreational activities in learning. Recreational activities are good for physical and mental health. It also helps manage stress.Our institution focuses on mental wellness among our students. We support activities that can help improve cognitive function. Some of the avialable recreational activities in our center are card games, board games, and video games. We also believe that everybody should be able to express their natural talents and innate abilities. We promote holistic development to our students. We encourage them to express their thoughts and creative ideas to make learning fun and entertaining. We provide few equipment for students to express their talent in music and arts.


Our Services

DTRTC Education Center is a tutorial center for K-12 students, review center for aspiring public servants, and training center for people who wants to learn Information Technology and Digital Marketing. We offer the following services.

  • Tutorial services on Mathematics, Reading, and computer literacy.
  • Review on Civil Service Exam.
  • Training on computer programming, pc assembly and computer networks, web design, and digital marketing.